Honoring Our Love

I shared this post last year on this day – mine and Russell Peterson wedding anniversary. 21 years ago today we were married, although yesterday for some reason I was saying 26 to Demetri. It took me awhile to catch that wasn’t right. Actually it took Demetri asking if that meant I got married when I was 24 to realize 26 years wasn’t right. Maybe it just feels like more time has gone since he died than a year and a half. Who knows? My brain is interesting these days?
I knew I couldn’t write anywhere close to what I’d want to say this year. And I love what I wrote last year; it serves as a great reminder to me of how I want to continue to honor myself, honor Russell and honor the family we created by choosing over and over again to live a life of purpose, intention and seeking joy.
I think the picture I shared here is from Russell’s dad’s , Wayne, wedding to Barbara. I love the playfulness and the joy in this moment with Russell. It’s one of my all time favorite pictures of us and I just refound it when I cleaned my room. Hidden treasures!
Hug those you love for us today. Remember what drew you to one another and feel the love and joy again. Say I love you to all those you. Take the moments today to live the life you dream of living.
Happy anniversary Russell. I love you!