Lara Peterson is a Soul Life Coach and Equine Guided Coach/Instructor. She has a passion for helping women and children find joy and healing through heart connections with horses. Through work as a life coach, instructor, and retreat facilitator for over 30 years, Lara has developed a playful, inviting approach to empowering people to become their best selves. She believes that the practice of mindful breathing and being fully in the present moment is a magical part of the heart journey with horses.

Lara specializes in coaching women through grief, dreaming their best lives, personal growth, and finding joy in life’s journey. She also works with children and women in private or group lessons teaching the basics of balanced, joyful riding, as well as the language of the horse.

When she’s not partnering with her horses, Lara loves being with her family, reading fantasy novels, making soul vision boards, and learning to golf. She is a huge fan of Wonder Woman and believes we can all be our own superheroes.