Equine Assisted Coaching & Learning

Horses are master healers and teachers that guide clients in dissolving their past and discovering their own life’s path. CONNECTION, INNER GUIDANCE, A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR TRANSFORMATION. By their very presence, horses invite us to just breathe and be in the present moment.

Coaching and learning with horses is like feeling the WILD, WONDROUS, and LIMITLESS side of life.  When clients are with horses and in nature they are connecting with their dormant voices inside.  There is a natural life force that brings to the surface what needs to be felt, heard or said. This is the missing ingredient that helps change lives.

What you can expect is that I care deeply about you and your journey. The horses and I will hold space for you as you explore ways to connect deeper with yourself and find more joy in your life. People who invest in change, want an outcome, they want clarity, to be able to make decisions, and want the support and accountability to reach their desires and goals. Being in nature and partnering with the horses provides this through deep healing, personal empowerment and transformations.

Connect with me and the horses in the following ways:

*Equine Assisted Life Coaching *Heart Energy Play

*Riding Lessons *Meditative Grooming

*Retreats *Trail ride lessons