Gratitude will win!


Despite my intense desire still to curse every other word gratitude will win today. Because overall I’ve had some great things happen throughout my day. I just can’t end a day in which I made several, more positive choices end with me blankity blanking all over the place. ūüôā

*My cleaned and deluttered room is a source of great peace and rest for me again.  I sat at my desk writing and reflecting for well over an hour today. I love the special feeling of my room again.Bliss!

*Not once today did I settle into my favorite, ¬†living room chair watching silly sitcoms. The inner sloth didn’t win today.

* Demetri and I had a lovely time  together this afternoon at lunch. we had wonderful conversations .

*I continued with the plan to do baking for Thansgiving tonight. Demetri and I  made vegan/gluten free pumpkin pies as well as vegan/gluten free banana, chocolate cheesecake. Oh I also made vegan gravy. Yumminess!


*I found dozens of things to laugh at today. There really is a lot of humor to ne found in chaos.

*I got to snuggle with my pyrenees pups tonight when we did a final check of Walter. They’re just such sweet pups.

*I have family and friends who love me.

*My house is warm, my truck runs, and I have  work I  believe in.

*My muse has awoken and is ready to write again.

I get ready to head into sleep with a quieter heart and deep gratitude for the many gifts of the day. I am sighing with relief for that quieting. Gratitude can still win!