Where are my words?

Just Breathe

The words just won’t come these days.  I have started to write at least a half dozen musing, blog posts in the past several weeks.  All of them get started with a few, clear sentences and then the words that I’ve been watching be written in my head fade away like words on a beach washed away by the tide.

Instead of struggling and becoming increasingly frustrated by the ideas that just won’t come forth into written words, I thought I’d write of the struggle to just write.  Interestingly the words are flowing with ease; most curious.

I long to write more.  Writing fills me up while clearing me out in a very unique way.  When I write it’s as if the muddled parts of life somehow settle into a new coherence.   Speaking to people out loud of my journey continues to be a bit of a mess as I just can’t quite seem to form words verbally in such a way that seems to make sense.  But writing – that is a good, good thing.

I want to write here so much more but just can’t quite to seem to find the way.  Perhaps that too is simply part of my learning process and I need to not try quite so hard.  All does come when it is time for me to allow it to flow.

For today this is enough; simply sharing where I am in this time, this moment.