Rabbit holes, caves, and flying in the light

downrabbitholeI love that I have shared my blog posts on Facebook because then they pop up in my memory feed. This gives me a chance to read over them again and see where I am at now in comparison to a year ago.

It brought me great joy to read my reflections from last year about cave, rabbit holes, dragons and krakens. To be able to tap back into the wisdom of all these things through a new lens day brings new learning and healing. And it reminds me of why I love to write, something I’ve been letting slip again lately. It is time to return to writing everyday or at least as often as I can.

What a powerful journey I am on!

Health Hope Healing

Stitched Panorama

Rabbit holes, caves and flying in the light – these are the things of my current musings I step deeper into myself seeking the wisdom that only I can find.  The power of these places within my mystical exploring has come fiercely to me over this past week.  I have had some amazing shifts in understanding the full meaning about the places in my imagining that are sacred spaces of inspiration.  My body almost hums with joy and awe as I begin this first attempt at writing about what is coming forth. 
My gratitude for the two amazing women, Barbara Alexander and Ayanna Makonnen, who are acting as mentors and coaches for me right now is abundant.  I believe I have drawn these women into my life to act as guides in the vision quest I am beginning to understand more deeply I am walking.  They radically listen to rambling thoughts that are pouring…

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