Horses are breath and wings to me. By their very presence they both ground me deep into myself while also helping me believe that I can soar.

I have named my new guy with this in mind. His name is Phoenix because he will be my wings as I continue to rise from the ashes of my life of the past few years, ready to fly into new adventures and new ways of living my life with radical joy and purpose. I wanted to name him something connected to dragons but everything was too heavy for this sweet, light filled little guy. Then Phoenix came to me ringing like a bell. Fire and light – yep that is him.

My Karoly has done so much to heal my heart over the past 3 1/2 years. Literally he has done my breathing for me at times. Especially early on after Russell died as I would stand with Karoly or sit on his bare back, Karoly would match my breath then he would slow us both down. My mantra “Just Breathe” seemed to pour out of him as he held all of my pain. He didn’t care that it was a massive, physical struggle to just clamber up onto him. (I think he appreciates that I’ve lost so much weight and am far more limber getting on.) He was just there to hold radically, love filled space for me throughout it all. It is one of his greatest gifts to all who come to know him. Just breathe he says with his very presence. Ahhhh!


Now, with a lighter body and a lighter heart, I am ready to fly a little bit more. Because of my health transformation, I can actually imagine doing things with horses again that I haven’t been able to do in years. I am ready to really ride, not just be a passenger up there. That is an absolutely amazing thing to me. Finding Phoenix is a incredible gift I found him the night of my last retreat, Empower Your Warrior, and it was as if he jumped through the picture and said “Here I am. Are you ready?” I answered with a resounding “YES!” And I can hardly believe that we are together and starting to figure each other out.

BREATH & WINGS – this is why horses continue to hold me in their magical grip. With them I can breathe my way through all life throws me, then fly with love into my joy. WOW!

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