My muse is AWAKE! I started 4 musings/blog posts on the way home from our sushi dinner out. Then, while we stopped by the farm just to see my new guy she said “write this tonight.” WOW!

Life is too short and it can change in the blink of an eye or the mere flip of a coin. No exaggeration, that is how fast our lives can change. I KNOW! I’ve lived it and I’ve seen it happen to more people than I can say. Every single one of us is just blink or a flip away from having our lives turned upside down and inside out.

So whatever you are wanting to do; whatever you are wanting to say; whatever you are wanting to try; whatever you are wanting to change – DO IT NOW!

Say yes to you.
Take the trip.
Go to the counselor.
Heal your relationships.
Buy the horse. 🙂
Get healthy in any way you can, as soon as you can.
Read the book.
Say no to the things that leave you feeling tired and crappy.
Dress in whatever makes you feel good.
Try those new things that leave you feeling brave.
Take the nap.
Quit the job you hate.
Find the job you love.
Change your life so it brings you joy and purpose.
Love yourself.
Stop making excuses.

Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to LOVE yourself and the life you are living.

One thought on “DO IT NOW

  • Lara, out of the crucible of your suffering, you are offering a compelling call to take stock and take action. Bless you. As you and Russell would know, the Dominicans are charged to “share the fruits of their contemplation.” Thank you for letting others in on your Musings!

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