Transforming my Life



Ever since seeing the movie Wonder Woman last summer, I have been a little obsessed with her. I have posters of her, quotes from the movie all over my journals, 2 costumes, jewelry, and even a Wonder Woman doll. I watch the movie over and over again to inspire me to be a Warrior for love for myself and the world.
My 2 costumes I have were worn in public 5 1/2 months apart. Both times I needed my kids, family and friends to encourage me to follow through. Wearing costumes in public is something I always love seeing people doing. But doing it myself took far more courage and shushing of my inner critic than I thought it would. Wanting to dress up and play, not caring what others think, is a definite act of being a brave warrior for following my own joy.

What I most LOVE about this “then and now” picture combo is seeing how radically different my legs, especially my knees look. Is it any wonder I was in so much pain back in September when I wore my WW dress to the Japanese Festival? Look at how incredibly swollen my knee was! I knew this but seeing it in this picture has shocked me to my core. I remember that day how I had to sit down often while we walked around, because my body hurt so very much.

I love who I was in both of these pictures – brave, me, loving my life, and following my own path. What I love more than anything now is that my body is no longer infused with pain and unable to do more than short walks. In fact, I have such minimal pain these days I barely notice it.

I’m thrilled that I said YES to taking back my health and started my new health program in November. Changing how I eat has led to me losing 26lbs and that has made my body feel better than it has in 8 years. Plus, I’m thrilled that I’m learning how to be a health coach so that I can help others transform their lives. Having my healthy body back while helping others do the same brings me great JOY!

I’m becoming a superhero for myself because it is what I need to have the life I want to live.