I am ready!


2018 is definitely going to be my Year of the Warrior! And I have started now to make some radical moves to significantly change my health – physically, emotionally, financially. I am DONE being stuck in ruts that cause me a great deal of pain. I am DONE feeling like I can’t find the joy I want because my body, mind and heart hurt. I am DONE feeling so uncomfortable in my being that all I want to do is hide under covers.
I am READY to rock my life! I am READY to become the very best, healthiest person I can be! I am READY to have a body, heart and mind that are free to feel joy all throughout! I am READY to throw off my cloak of fear, pain, and lethargy to fully become the Warrior Woman who wants to be fully alive!
Part of this change started just 7 weeks ago when I took a big leap to start on a path of drastically changing my eating habits. With the help of my health coach, Carrie Magill, I am learning new habits and saying YES to eating in a whole new way. In those 7 weeks, I have already lost 20lbs putting me at a weight lower than I’ve been in 5 years. For the first time in years, I purchased a medium shirt rather than the XL I’ve been having to buy.
But it’s not really about the weight. It’s about the fact that my body moves with little to no pain anymore. I had gotten to the point last summer and fall that I was seriously considering quitting Avalon because the daily, non stop pain I was in was just too much to run a horse farm. I could barely get up out of bed without hobbling, much less do the hard physical work of the farm and teaching in a sand arena. That physical pain caused me a great deal of emotional pain too as I felt blocked from living the life I want to live.
NO MORE! I am losing the weight that bogs my body down. I am learning new eating habits that are healthy and steadily move me forward without leaving me feeling like I am missing out on things. I am learning how to listen to my body and the second, literally the second, something doesn’t feel right I listen to it and make changes to set things right. I am slowing down and thinking about how I am fueling this body.
I am feeling light enough in my heart and body again to do the things I most love – dance, ride Magic, ride Karoly, teach without pain, walk the farm. I am saying YES, YES, YES to me! Tears of gratitude and joy rise up in me over and over again everyday as I feel the layers of pain, sorrow and fear fall away revealing the amazing Warrior Lara I long to be.

2018 is going to be my year! Make it yours too! What are the things you want to release and shed away that are keeping you from living a life of JOY and STRENGTH? What are the things you want to be able to do?
Let’s do it together! Together we are so much stronger and I am dedicating much of my new work at Avalon Horse Farm to helping myself and others step into our inner power. Watch for book clubs, support groups, retreats, exercise classes, art classes, health coaching, and so much more.
Let’s make 2018 the most amazing year ever, starting NOW!
Say YES to you! I AM!