Magical Day


Today is going to be a magical day!  Any day that you get to celebrate with friends the public commitment to their love is magical.  When you also get to transform your farm, the place of dreams and sanctuary for so many, into a magical place for the wedding is even better.

It will be magical to create beautiful spaces out of ordinary things.


It will be magical to work with the fabulous community that is Avalon and SSPC as we do all we can to make Sara’s and Tolij’s wedding day all they dream of it being.

It will be magical to have their guests enjoy Avalon for the first time, in all its natural beauty and in the beauty we are creating.

It will be magical to sense Russell’s presence throughout this day.  He would have loved meeting all of the guests, but probably most the ones from Germany and Russia. I dreamed early this morning that Russell was at the wedding, walking amongst the guests. Only I could see him and hear him, but he was there.  I will miss him today.


It will be magical to have our first big bonfire of the fall, something that Sara and Russell shared a great love of.  I don’t know which one of them loved sitting by the bonfires at the end of our celebrations more.  All I know is they had grand conversations.

It will be magical to watch Tolij and Sara, one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever know, speak their love for each other.   It’s been a joy to be part of their journey.  Weddings help us all remember that love and joy are the best things we can all strive for.  It is a time of feeling hope again.


It will be magical to dance and celebrate under thousands of twinkle lights.

It will be magical to work hard, play hard, laugh, and cry throughout this day.   I am filled with deep gratitude this morning for all I have and that is in my life.  For today I will strive to rest in the gratitude, love, joy and hope that is filling my heart.

It will be magical!