Lessons from Epona Ridge (August 25) – #2

cropped-magictree.jpgThis was my final lesson as I was leaving Asheville.

During my drive to the airport, leaving Asheville which I fell in love with, the tears started to flow. Not sadness at leaving but the most powerful filling of my heart with light and love – a powerful, resonating YES flowing through me.  I almost had to pull off of the road the tears just poured forth so strongly.  I laughed at the bubbling love filling my entire being.

Yes I am where I am supposed to be.

Yes I am on the right path.

Yes part of my journey, a large part this year, is writing towards my first book.

Yes I have found the title of my book and the mission of Avalon Sanctuary which will be formed during this year – Dancing in the Center Between Light and Dark: A Journey in and out of Cuckoo Luckoo Land into LOVE.

Wow, wow, WOW! Love, joy, gratitude, power flowing in and through and all around me.

This time, this moment, YES!

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