Loving my kids


“One of the best things about being a parent – when your kids are happy you are happy.”  Modern Family

The kids and I love watching the show Modern Family.  It has long been a favorite of ours.  Nowadays it is a lovely escape to watch past seasons and laugh at all the hysterical antics of the characters.  And it is an example of how wisdom can come from all places if we just open ourselves up to listening more closely.

The kids and I are standing united in our attempts to find joy in new experiences.  We take opportunities to do the things we find interesting and grab our attention.  Anything to fill us with energy, lightness and smiles.  I find myself saying yes to a whole lot of possibilities just to see them smile and laugh.  I am changing plans, being spontaneous, looking for festivals, and trying to be silly.

We have an obvious thread of sadness that weaves through all that we do.  Sometimes we can’t speak to others gathered around us very well.  We can’t even talk to each other very well.  There just aren’t words and so we simply flow through our day seeking simple pleasures.  We are trying to remain open to finding a little bit of happiness and joy, and we find it very quietly.

We hug each other a lot.  We text when we are apart.  We talk about what we can.  We play and laugh and plan and dream.

The last couple of days I had the wonderful opportunity to take a quick trip to Lexington with Kateri.  We left Friday afternoon and returned last night, spending just a day at Rolex (3 day horse event) in Kentucky Horse Park.  The cold rain kind of dampened our desire to watch much of the cross country riding standing outside.  But we were in sync in our decision to watch it on the big screen from inside the large trade fair building.   No we weren’t up close to any of the jumps, but we were dry and we had a great time.  We shopped. We watched the riding.We stayed dry (neither of us like getting wet and cold very much). We saw lots of Avalon friends also at Rolex. We laughed at Ru’s antics and smiled at every person who just had to pet her in all her cuteness.  We shopped a lot.  We enjoyed simply being with each other in a horsey world that we both love.   I loved spending time with my daughter who I want to see have all of her dreams – horse focused and other – come true.

Today I get to spend the day with all my kids at the Earth Day Festival in Forest Park.  Each of us is going into the day with much anticipation and a little bit of trepidation.  We have done this festival as an entire family for many years.  It was one of the special days that Russell would take off work for each year so that we could go and be inspired to become more green and earth conscious.  We love the food, the music, the booths, the inspiration and the energy of the entire gathering.  Demetri was born on Earth Day, so we have a strong, personal connection to this day.  Each of us find many, many things that excite us every time we go to this festival.

We will miss Russell today and no doubt will have many moments of wishing he was there to show him something.  But I also know we will have an amazing time and love all the wonderful things we will see, hear and eat today (we love the eclectic food!).  We are taking Ru and I think I am going to pick up Willow to take as well.  The sun is shining which always makes it so much better.

I am excited to spend the day with the 3 people who I love more than anything in this world.  Let the fun begin!

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  • So proud of you for going..sure there were many many bittersweet moments. I love that festival as well but haven’t been in years.

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