Today I am grateful for many, many things. For…

* the constant outpouring of love and support from so many people who loved Russell and love us. The world continues to hold us up!

*menial tasks not feeling quite so monumental. Doing laundry, dishes, shopping were actually manageable yesterday.

*facebook which gives me not only a place to share my journey but a chance to visit others’ journeys as well. I am a huge communication junkie. I love reading people’s stories, seeing their pictures, getting comments on my own story. I loved facebook for the good things it can be before this part of my journey. Now, I am a little addicted. smile emoticon

*the tasks I have been able to mark off of my to-do list.

*Jill Coffey Wenzel taking Hinata to the barn yesterday. Poor pup is so confused why I am not going.

*Food and flowers being delivered. Being fed and seeing pretty things help me breathe a little more evenly.

*Stories and more stories of Russell.

*an evening with dear friends last night whose families have journeyed with Russell and I and our children for a very long time. To hear all the laughter and cry the tears while sharing stories was much needed.

*family who stands with me and says yes to anything I or my children need right now.

*my sister-in-law, Kirsten Peterson, who can make me laugh maniacally like no other. As much as I wish I didn’t have to walk this path right now, I am thankful for her partnership along the way.

*images and musings about Krakens and Butterflydragons, and the place of groundedness in between them.

*the fact that is spring. I am fairly sure if it was winter no one would see me for months on end.

*all my “people” who are sharing their wisdom about insurance, social security, school withdrawals, preparing a service, and so much more. Plus it’s given me a great joking point that I have “people” to handle things for us. smile emoticon

*Avalon Horse Farm and the community who has given me the gift of time without worry to grieve and walk this early part of my grieving journey with the freedom to simply be. They have taken over all of the work of the farm and been amazing in their spring cleaning/beautifying. They are keeping my dream alive and thriving. While this is the work of many, many folks it is the drive of the Co-op Team- Denise Wottowa, Nicole Martin, Carrie Montgomery, Emily Hall Butchart, John Wottowa, and Kenny Fulton (hope I named everyone) – who are leading the way.

*my children who are beyond amazing as they stay true to their own paths of grieving in all its rawness. I am so very proud of them as I know Russell is as well.

*my awakened muse. If I lose my ability to write at this time, I believe the darkness will consume me.

*everyone who is continuing to hold their thread in this Web of Healing and Love. You are the world holding us up! Thank you for continuing to do so. Love you all!