Muse must speak – #3

First written on the morning of March 20.

Welcome spring!

It was at this time last week that Russell Peterson first told me he “might” need to go to the doctor. Our first, unknowing, step down the rabbit hole.

I’ve been awake for 2 hours but the compulsion to write came upon me so strongly today that I needed to do that first. Later today I will share my musing. I also hope to share a longer story of whst happened last Friday with current update.

I know I am pretty much “blowing” up my link to Facebook this week. What rises in me to write comes boiling to the surface and I feel compelled to share.

For years I’ve considered starting a blog for just these boiling up moments. Perhaps I will finally (anyone want to help me get page set up?). For now, I write and I share everywhere I can so that I csn link as many people as possible to Russell ‘ s Healing Web.

If this is all too much for you I understand. Hide my page, don’t read, do what you need to for you. Live in your truth of what us best and most true for you as I am living in mine. All my writings -updates, stories, musings- are for me and Russell. I hope they help you but I do it for us.

May we all today follow our hearts and not put off what we most want for our lives. We are proof that your life csn change in one step.

Love and peace surround us all.