I See YOU!

I see you. No, I mean I really see YOU! I see that soul part of you that you long for others to see but also, maybe, fear others will see. I see that part of you that glorious in its’ rawness and its’ realness. I see that part of you that couldn’t lie about how you are really doing even if it tried to. I see that part of you that is aswirl with light and dark, hope and despair, resistance and acceptance, sadness and joy. I see that part of you that is so uniquely YOU that it strives to shine through all the layers of walls and protection you have built up around it. I see that part of you that is like no other past, present, or future. I SEE YOU!

This is what came flooding over me this afternoon as I watched Penny with one of our coaching clients. It’s always a magical experience for me to be an observer of watching women with the horses. There are messages I receive about my own journey and my own healing as I have the honour of watching the interactions unfold. Magical gifts are given every single time.

But today, ahhh, it was very special. Two times within the extended dance of connection, I watched Penny stop and just stare at the woman interacting with her. In those moments, it was as if everything else fell away spotlighting the two. And I heard “I see you. I mean I REALLY see you.” as if Penny was speaking out loud. The hair stood up on my arms in each moment, as everything around became almost electric with the energy and beauty of it all. I just sat there in silent awe for the wisdom Penny shared with me.

Horses see us in ways that we can’t see each other. Heck, they see us more deeply than we see ourselves. In seeing us, there is no judgement, merely an acknowledgement that they see us in all of our glory and all of our messiness. There is such healing to be found in that experience of being truly seen by another living being. In being truly seen, we begin to consider the possibility that it might be okay to be seen by others.

As much as I wish it were possible, I know that I cannot offer the opportunity to experience the magic healing of my horses to everyone I know. Some of you are too far away from and I have yet to figure out how to offer coaching with the horses in a virtual way. But, for those of you who are close to me and are longing to be truly seen as you, not for what you can do or for what you know, but just as YOU, the horses and I are ready for you. We are ready to hold space for all of you – every bit of visible and hidden piece of you.

We see YOU!