Listen to the whisper

In the blink of an eye life can change. PLEASE DON’T WAIT FOR ANOTHER TIME!

Holy schmoley, Facebook memories are something. This is what I shared 6 years ago, an hour and a half before I took Russell Peterson to the hospital where we took our first, crashing step into Cuckoo Luckoo Land. I’d say that was also the first step towards becoming a Warrior Woman for love, dreaming, living out loud and inviting people to live deeply in this time, this moment.

That whisper was very quiet 6 years ago. Finding and sharing this was probably my only awareness that I was hearing something coming. Now though? Wowza that whisper is coming through loud and clear every day.

What is whispering inside of you?

6 years ago I shared this passage and the passage pictured here. Little did I know that the trip to the ER soon to follow would not only change my day’s plans but it would change my life completely.

Don’t take chances that you have plenty of time. There is no way we can know that.


I am pretty sure the Peterson household has the plague. Kateri has had a fever and flu like symptoms for 4 days. Fever goes up and down but overall feeling horrendous. Russell is now having similar symptoms and feeling awful. Soren and I had about a day and a half earlier this week we were feeling sick. Hoping that’s all that occurs for us. Demetri only one who has remained totally healthy. Plans for my day will be changing as caring for two stickies is needed.

One thought on “Listen to the whisper

  • Don’t really know when I received this; I’ve not been very present to my email or FB. Don’t know if I forwarded this to myself to be a “to be read later” or not. No matter really… Just wanted to say that I once again I am deeply touched by your honesty with yourself and with others. I have a particular perspective I watch and listen to all these things; your invitation to others to listen through their particular lens makes this a “coaching” piece. I know others will find treasures and reassurances here. I admire and love you, my beautiful daughter, and Wise Woman. Blessed Be as you continue your journey to a new, patched together to make a beautiful whole. Crone Woman (which I share with you)

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