2021 – Get MOJO back!

Get my MOJO back. Yep, that is what my intention is for 2021. I’m not making resolutions. I’m barely setting goals. All I know is I long to get my MOJO back. I don’t even really know what that means for me right now. I just know that is my energetic intention for this year.

For weeks, I’ve been reflecting, considering setting big goals, wondering why I don’t want to do a vision board which I usually do this time of year, and basically just spinning my wheels. Words and intentions to focus my energy around for 2021 have flitted into my mind and then flitted right back out as I’ve realized “Nah, that isn’t it. Nope not that one either. Hmm maybe, but no I guess not.” Absolutely nothing grabbed my attention longer than a second. And, I’ve come to learn if it can’t hold my attention longer than a second, there is no way it is something that will stick with me throughout an entire year of creating, dreaming, and living.

The picture here is soooo perfect for how I’ve been feeling the past several months. That mama lion is the tired, very tired, me who is both grateful for the gifts and lessons from 2020, while also being utterly exhausted by it all. She’s still awake but she needs to rest. That little lion is the 2021 me who is moving forward but has a whole lot of learning to do as she grows in understanding of her world. She is possibility. She is curiosity. She is wide odd wonder as she bravely steps into a new world to explore. She steps out knowing mama lion is still the protector and wise one ready to leap up to defend those new steps being taken.

This picture is the only one that I’ve put onto my 2021 vision board. One of the lessons that 2020 taught me is that I need to learn how to be more flexible and allow things to unfold in a more free flowing way. There is so very little that I really can control and I am wanting to adopt more of an attitude of “we will see” for this year. I will add pictures to my lion board of what DOES happen in 2021, of what I DO create. Then, at the end of the year I will have a very unique vision board that will feel amazing to behold.

It was a few days ago, as I was looking at this powerful picture, that my intention and focus for 2021 hit me with a surprise rush of YES energy. All I want to do is “Get my MOJO back”. That is what I want to weave into my year. I recognize that about 80% of me is that tired, watchful, resting mama lion right now. I simply have little desire to goal set at all. I’m just tired. I honor that mama lion me for all she has done and for the watchfulness she still is doing. The other 20% is that baby lion who is ready to go find our MOJO. That baby lion knows finding our MOJO will lead to more energy, joy, purpose and the discipline needed to achieve whatever goals we set. I am quietly cheering baby lion me on for her readiness to step into something new.

There is much rumbling around inside of me as I sit with all of this. I feel the hope awakening that more clarity around the next direction I want to step into for my life is possible. I feel the glimmers of excitement that maybe one day, someday, I will wake up feeling rested again. I trust that I am right where I need to be and that I am in for a new fascinating journey this year. I love the ideas slowly coming to me about what a “Get my MOJO back” journey can look like.

Thanks for the lessons 2020. Let’s do this 2021!