Finding Home


Morning Musings (inspired by “Belladonna” by Anne Bishop)
We think shattering our worlds is difficult but it isn’t. The difficult part is keeping the pieces in harmony enough to stay together.

When we don’t resonate with a place; when it isn’t a place that speaks to our hearts and feels like home; we can become a dissonance in that place. Be it a job, a community, a lifestyle, or a geographical location, we can begin to feel resentful and bitter about the place and the people there because it isn’t ours. Our heart desires to be in a place we haven’t yet found can create a fierce clash of energy.

The trick is to find the place or places that are OURS, those places that make our hearts sing with joy and harmony. Finding the places that feel like home creates an energy within and from us that is a joy to behold. When we do that – ahhh, the glorious symphonies with our lives we can create.

Avalon is MINE with all its light and its dark note. It’s not always easy to keep the pieces in harmony with one another, especially since the community is so large. But I sure do my best to continually tweak and play with the ever changing notes to keep the song vibrant and alive.

It is a glorious, glorious thing to feel home in a place. Never, ever doubt that you are worth finding your “homes.” They are out there!