Reach a little higher


Who’s ready to reach a little higher?!
Do an exercise with me real quick. It will take mere moments and might have a lasting impact. Right where you are, reach your arms up above your head as high as they can go. Go ahead, do it. GREAT! Now, reach a little higher. YES! Now a little higher. FANTASTIC!

Think about what you’ve just done. Even though I asked you to reach as high as you can go the first time, most of us probably reached a little bit higher 2 more times. We dug a little deeper, took a breathe, pushed a little bit more and stretched higher.
We do this with EVERYTHING in our lives. We set our goals for what we know we can comfortably and easily reach. And we sell ourselves short. I am learning we don’t set our dreams and goals high enough; at least I don’t.
I’m already 5lbs past my first targeted goal weight. Why is that not stretching as high as I can? Because I realize now, after learning this awesome exercise over the weekend, that I set my goal weight at what I knew I could easily do if I just stayed on track. But I wasn’t reaching as high as I could.

Losing 40lbs seemed quite doable and maintainable, which it really has been. But stretching a little further to lose 50 lbs – well I don’t know, maybe. 60lbs, which would put me into the healthiest range for me – ack that still, quite honestly, seems too high.

I’m D0NE setting my goals too low and not believing in myself. I’m done being content with almost there. I’m ready to go ALL IN with my life; to live the BEST, healthiest life I can. I’m ready to shoot for dead center bullseyes EVERY TIME!

I’m ready to share all of myself with the world and help ANYONE who wants to be the best person they can be. If you’re ready to reach higher, higher, higher to be the healthiest you in body, spirit and finances you can be I’d LOVE to talk with you. I absolutely LOVE being part of people transforming themselves into their own superheroes.

We really can all reach so much higher than we’ve dreamed.

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