Transforming my Life


What an awesome opportunity I’ve had the past two years to go to the dinner/auction for Caritas. Thank you Jill Coffey Wenzel for having me as your guest each year. Thank you Kirsten Marie Peterson for going with me.
Hearing the stories of transformation from people who have been positively impacted by the work through Caritas is inspiring to me to keep being a Warrior on my own journey of healing and embracing life with joy. Plus, each time I have gone new ideas generate inside of me of how I could offer Avalon and the horses as a way for the people that Caritas serves to find some joy in their own lives. We shall see what comes.

I also loved being able to take a picture of myself in the same place 2 years in a row. Being able to see evidence of my own health transformation is fascinating. My hair style is almost identical though the touch of blue still in my hair makes me smile. My smile is almost the same; I think last night’s is a little bit deeper and easier. My excitement to do something out of my norm rang true both years.

Last year it felt like such a giant, brave leap forward to go to the event. I remember the fear and trembling I had at the thought of being around dozens of people I don’t know. My social anxiety was at its’ highest last year. Last night, I had none of that fear and trembling. I simply and radically felt happy to be able to dress up and do something different.

My health transformation is an ongoing process. While I love seeing the physical difference being down 35 lbs (25 in just the past 3 months) from last year has made, I love more how much better I FEEL. I am dropping more than weight off of my body. I am dropping years off my entire being. I FEEL lighter and happier than I have in a very long time. My heart doesn’t hurt all of the time anymore and that is what I am reveling in day after day.

As I change my eating habits and say YES to what feels good to put into my body; I am saying YES to loving myself more than I love the temporary taste of some food. As I say YES to new ways, healthier ways of handling my stress the tension that could only be eased temporarily by comfort foods or a glass of wine has released its stranglehold on me.
Say YES to you! Make the changes you need to make to feel the best that you can. We are worth living the best life we possibly can!