Keep Going


Well I don’t know how exactly it happened considering while I was sick I ate off my plan much of the last weekend and spent 4 days with very little movement. I’m not counting moving from bed to the couch and back as movement. I lost 4 lbs this past week, putting me under 150 for the first time in 7 years. I’m now only 8lbs from the bulls eye goal I’ve set for myself. I should reach that by the first day of spring!
I honestly had doubts if that would ever happen again. Oh, I’ve been targeting getting back into the 140s but that quiet, self-doubting part of me has wondered (feared) that I’d never get past that 150 threshold. I even was thinking last night of starting my transition phase to just be happy with where I’ve been as I’m feeling so much better than I have in years.
I’m in shock, feeling very emotional, and my entire body is saying “thank you for taking care of me”. It’s as if I can feel my body singing this sweet song of gratitude to me. I’ve neglected it for so long.

This journey to health is intimately connected to my husband, Russell’s, death for me, as much of my Warrior path has been. Kirsten, Russell and I had just started our own health challenge with each other a few short weeks before he died in the desire to get us all out of dangerous places with our health. As I get stronger and healthier I often wonder if Russell might still be here if I had become a warrior for health – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – back then. Obviously I can never know but it is part of my driving force today. I need to be as healthy as I can for myself and for my kids. I want to be with them for another 50 years.

Slow and steady steps forward every single day are the way to our goals. Warriors just keep stepping forward even if all they can do some days is baby, baby steps.

I’m so grateful to everyone in my life who cheers me on over and over and over again. You help me in more ways than I will ever be able to express. Each positive word fuels me to keep me going!

Go get it folks! Whatever your it is GO GET IT! It can all change in the blink of an eye as my story shows. Make this the year that you look back at the end and say I DID IT! I’m doing my best to make sure I do!