Dancing in the Shadowlands

avalonfog2In an attempt to embrace winter and not just wish it away as fast as possible on the way to springtime I’ve been doing a daily count with an emphasis upon something of beauty or joy from the day.  Here is today’s posting.

Winter – Day 31/89

Today was an amazing day! For the first time I spent my work day almost 100% focused on Avalon Sanctuary things. I had 3 meetings including one about doing grief/healing retreats for teens with the horses, worked on planning for our Vision Board workshop, and had my first private facilitation/coaching session with someone playing with the horses. All was done utilizing the Sanctuary room.

As we move forward with new programming a couple things are becoming clearer to me.

1) Avalon Sanctuary is the artistic, playful, healing branch of Avalon Horse Farm. Our mission is to provide a place of rest, connection and joy in the midst of a chaotic world. While this is very similar to my original mission for Avalon, we are more intentionally focusing on play, art, and healing in the new programs we are dreaming of.

2) I love the play of light and dark that creates the shadow places. When Russell got sick and died (1 year and 10 months ago today) I somehow learned how to dance in the shadow places between the light and dark of my life. I’ve forgotten some of those steps but as I move forward more strongly on this new branch of Avalon, Avalon Sanctuary, I am drawn to breathe and dance in that center place again and help others learn how to be in that place without panic.

The fog from this morning, with the sun playing through the darker clouds was a perfect image for me of this growing sense of my life’s purpose right now. It’s not about doing horse farm work (i.e. stalls, fixing fence, etc.) It is about inviting people to breathe deeply and try to dance with both the light and dark of their lives – finding joy within both.


Wow, oh wow, has it been a powerful day. An emotional warrior woman kind of day. Feeling very, very grateful tonight.