Tiny Steps


Tiny steps forward are often all that I can take. As I keep stepping forward, baby step after baby step, sometimes slow as a turtle I end up making huge strides forward.

It’s okay to walk your path with quiet, steady determination. No matter what the world tries to tell us life isn’t a race.

I’m going to enjoy every step of playfulness and time with my family over the next week and a half. Joy, playfulness, gratitude, breathing space, listening to what I want, all of these are the steps I will take.

What tiny steps can you make today?

2 thoughts on “Tiny Steps

  • Sometimes tiny, sometimes crooked but always one foot in front of the other on the road of life. Now at more than 70 and nearing the end of that road on can look back and see that even the tiniest of steps has filled an entire lifetime.

    • Pete,
      Thanks for sharing your wisdom! I love, LOVE hearing other people’s stories! Tiny steps filling an entire lifetime, like grains of sand on a beach. 🙂

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