Taking my life back!


Taking my body and my life back! Now is the time!

In January of 2015, 2 years before Russell Peterson went into the hospital and died, he, myself and his sister, Kirsten Peterson, started a personal challenge with each other to get healthier and lose weight. At the end of 3 months whoever had lost the most weight would be treated by the others to dinner out. At least I think that was our reward incentive, though bragging rights was much more important to all of us. During those months before Russell died I lost 12 lbs and was steadily moving forward towards better health habits. All 3 of us were making strides toward being more healthy.

When I stepped into the rabbit hole with Russell, that slide into cuckoo luckoo land also started a year+ of unhealthy eating, inconsistent exercise, goofy sleeping and much more. Not only did I gain back the 12 lbs I had lost I also gained an additional 10lbs. I’ve lost a few of them but I continue to feel winded easily, lethargic much of the time and unable to do all I want to do with my life.

NO MORE! I am ready to break out of the protective shell I’ve been living in for the past year and transform myself – physically, mentally, emotionally, and professionally. Now, RIGHT NOW in this time and in this moment, I am going to start anew and seek to live my life as deeply and as actively as I can. There are many, many things I am dreaming of shifting and moving and playing with this spring as I rediscover who I am and who I want to be.

I’ve weighed in to start my journey with the Spring Health Games Meltdown Challenge. This is just one of the ways that I am going to be motivating myself to get moving! My goals are to get healthier, track my habits, and feel better about me. I’m ready to rock this challenge!

If you’re interested in joining me with this fun, easy way to track your habits, be inspired by others, and push yourself a little bit,
See more at: https://www.meltdownchallenge.com/…/teamprogr…/2062/Mjg0Nzg…