The twelve days of Christmas – Day 1

family1Stirring inside of me as I’ve prepared for Christmas are the ideas for a series of musings around the topic of gifts.  As I’ve purchased, wrapped and given gifts I’ve thought a great deal about what I experience as my greatest gifts right now. Much has been rambling through my mind and heart as I think of all the things I have in my life that leave me feeling full of gratitude and joy.

I am going to attempt to write about 1 particular gift for each of the next 12 days of the traditional Christmas season.  Oh, I have grandiose ideas of sticking with the theme of the song, you know the thought of 1 thing for the first day, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, etc.  We will see how far along I can get into this idea and stick to the numbers.  They aren’t that important but it is a fun sounding challenge to see how I can play around with this song and use it for my writing.  We shall see what happens.

Today is easy.  I am thankful for the gift of my 1 amazing family (not everyone pictured here).  In all of the times and all of the moments of this year, I have been filled with love and gratitude for this family of mine.  For the ways in which they have embraced me and my kids, allowing us to be however we need to be in each and every moment, in every gathering has been a balm to my aching being.  Every time I am with them I leave feeling a little more renewed.  And definitely a lot loved. I smile, laugh, cry, nap, drink, play cards, talk and so much more with this family.

The silliness of our gatherings, the realness of being authentic human beings, the commitment to tradition, the willingness to try new things, the desire to spend as much time together during the holidays as we can, and the constant thread of caring are gifts without measure.    I am fully aware that I am blessed to have a family that I want to be with and spend time with.  I am appreciative of the enduring awareness that they would all be there for me and my kids with one spoken word.

So today, on this first day of Christmas, I revel in my 1 amazing, loving, silly, awesome, wonderful family.  In this time, in this moment and in every time, in every moment I am thankful for the gift of a family who loves to be together.  What a miraculous, glorious gift we are!  Love you family!!!