Walking my day with grace


Today is going to be a great day!  We are bringing Walter back home to continue his healing from emergency surgery last week.  Yay, yay, YAY!

As I was scrolling through emails this morning a daily horoscope popped up.  I don’t usually read these and simply delete the links. For some reason I opened it up today.  I’m listening to my inner voice a little bit better each day and following those inner nudges that can come to all of us.  Nothing radically new came through for me in reading the email, but I did smile with the gentle reminders I received as I read.

What lion needs an espresso today? Oh, probably you, Leo. That’s okay. Don’t allow a little hectic stuff to throw you off your course- and don’t try to multi task so much today. Focusing on one thing at a time prevents a lot of problems and this is what you do to get through today so you can get home and relax.

Feeling a bit like you need a boost? You may want to consider brewing the coffee pretty strong today as many of you will be experiencing a busier than usual day. Roll with those punches, get things done, and you will find that others really pay attention to how you handle it all: so, whatever you do, handle it with grace. The way that you handle things today will have an impact on your future. If things get hectic and a little crazy, just breathe and remember what you’re trying to accomplish. If the list is long, take it in small chunks until it is done: but whatever you do, do not lose your cool. You will find that your persistence and your grace under pressure definitely shine, so, allow them to and then, wait for the results.

Great words to live by everyday, not just today.  “Roll with the punches, get things done, focus on one thing at a time, just breathe and remember what you’re trying to accomplish, find your persistence, handle it with grace.”  Yep, perfect daily mantra for a life of purpose.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and are able to handle with grace all that comes your way.  Pretty sure we will be dancing through our day of Walter’s homecoming with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.

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