Heavy Hearts – Musing #5

Written at 7:20 pm on March 20.

It is with the heaviest hearts that we write in this moment, in this time. And we  find we are almost at a complete loss for words.  
After several consults with multiple neurologists today, it has been made crystal clear that Russell will not be returning to walk with us again in this world.  Last week during his cardiac arrest he was without oxygen for a long period of time and sustained substantial, irreparable brain damage.  We have been living in hope that perhaps he could somehow be okay. It started becoming clearer a few days ago that was probably not the case.  We have asked all the questions we can, examined all the tests, received multiple opinions, and had dozens upon dozens of conversations.  
     And so we have decided it is time to take Russell off of the breathing vent, let nature take its course, and let him go.  Our final prayer call out to all of you for him is that this final part of his journey on earth be quick.  
    Our hearts are breaking and we stand together knowing we have done all that we can.  Thank you for your support and love now and for all we know we will receive in the upcoming days.  We are deeply grateful for the Web that you have all helped weave around Russell and our family.Russell’s final gift to us was to give us the time we needed to gather, say our good byes, and make sure his kids would never be alone.  
      The stories you have all shared with us are part of the healing as we move forward.  While we are not really okay in this moment, we have faith that we will someday be okay again.  The world is holding us up.