Voices of Others

Sometimes the voices of others speak what are own hearts most long to say.   This is a perfect example of that for me!



Wild Woman Sisterhood, June 1, 2014  ·

Today, I Choose Myself

I choose to be the queen of my own domain.
To name myself as the one who governs my life.

I shall not wait for the approval of others
in order to act on my own behalf and inner knowing’s.

I choose to listen to this great heart within me.
To honor what it wants, needs, and longs for.

I shall no longer allow the sacred parts of myself
to be fragmented and isolated and hidden.

I choose to take up space in this universe and it’s call.
To inhabit and uplift this vessel of self, which is my temple.

I shall not keep my gifts to myself any longer
or allow my fear to keep me from my greatness.

I choose to be as wonderful as I truly am.
To explore just who I might be, after all these years.

I shall not judge myself for where I have not
journeyed, yet, or the ways I have been untrue.

I choose to forgive myself and any of the old stories.
To make space for new stories, legends even, to emerge.

I shall not forsake my dreamings and visionings or allow
others ideas to crowd my own. I will think my own thoughts.

I choose to fall in love with who I am, as I am, today.
To embrace the messy and the marvelous in me.

I shall not diminish my light, one day longer.
I am releasing the shadows, right this very moment.

I choose to see you, and to be seen by you, too.
To find and dance with those who are ready to choose.

I choose to see myself as whole, holy, worthy,
so much more than enough. I choose to be glorious.

Being glorious is not the default. It is a choice.
And today, I choose myself.

~Shiloh Sophia McCloud