Heart’s Truth

One week into my rededication to leveling up with my dreams, my goal, and my life’s journey and I almost didn’t share this photo. Not because I don’t love what it is about, because I do. The honest truth is I don’t like how I look in this photo. I mentally smacked my head and reminded myself that is exactly why I NEED to share this photo tonight. I need to share because my deeper dive into getting real with myself, stop making excuses and take action toward creating my best me and my best is all about loving myself right here, right now and living my life out loud. Heck the very first thing I shared last week in my action plan was 1. Stop the negative self-talk and love myself through it. Well, okay Self, I will share the picture.

What makes me most happy about this picture is what was happening during the time it was taken. It was at the tail end of a magical, emotional, beautiful first Breathe and Be coaching session with a friend. It was a session of watching Penny invite my friend into recognizing the safe space she needed to listen to her heart. It was a sacred time of being allowed to hold space for someone as the whispers of her heart’s dreams were spoken out loud. It was an hour and a half of being witness to magic unfold.

This is what all of my work on myself right now is about; allowing my heart’s truth to be made visible so that I can step deeper into work that flows from my soul. I’ve taken action every day in the past week to open the door a little bit wider to stepping bravely onto a new path of being and acting in the world. Conversations with women who can act as mentors, cheerleaders, guides and teachers have been numerous this past week. Each conversation has felt like another thread to this new tapestry I am weaving.

My health journey has never been about how I look, though that can creep in at times like it does for many of us. My choices to become my healthiest self in my mind, body, and heart are about being able to FEEL most like the me I want to be. Yes, I am celebrating today that I’ve lost 2 lbs in the past week and 8 lbs in the past month. That means less pressure on my joints, more energy and a clearer mind. It feels great to have my body feel better.

What I am most choosing to celebrate tonight is the reminder this picture is giving me that it’s not about outward appearances and trappings for me. Living my best life and being my best me is about living with joy from being aligned with my heart and my soul. Well, that’s what I got to do tonight.

83 more days to go! Can hardly wait to see what is in store for me.

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