Where are my words?

Just Breathe

The words just won’t come these days.  I have started to write at least a half dozen musing, blog posts in the past several weeks.  All of them get started with a few, clear sentences and then the words that I’ve been watching be written in my head fade away like words on a beach washed away by the tide.

Instead of struggling and becoming increasingly frustrated by the ideas that just won’t come forth into written words, I thought I’d write of the struggle to just write.  Interestingly the words are flowing with ease; most curious.

I long to write more.  Writing fills me up while clearing me out in a very unique way.  When I write it’s as if the muddled parts of life somehow settle into a new coherence.   Speaking to people out loud of my journey continues to be a bit of a mess as I just can’t quite seem to form words verbally in such a way that seems to make sense.  But writing – that is a good, good thing.

I want to write here so much more but just can’t quite to seem to find the way.  Perhaps that too is simply part of my learning process and I need to not try quite so hard.  All does come when it is time for me to allow it to flow.

For today this is enough; simply sharing where I am in this time, this moment.




Rabbit holes, caves, and flying in the light

downrabbitholeI love that I have shared my blog posts on Facebook because then they pop up in my memory feed. This gives me a chance to read over them again and see where I am at now in comparison to a year ago.

It brought me great joy to read my reflections from last year about cave, rabbit holes, dragons and krakens. To be able to tap back into the wisdom of all these things through a new lens day brings new learning and healing. And it reminds me of why I love to write, something I’ve been letting slip again lately. It is time to return to writing everyday or at least as often as I can.

What a powerful journey I am on!

Health Hope Healing

Stitched Panorama

Rabbit holes, caves and flying in the light – these are the things of my current musings I step deeper into myself seeking the wisdom that only I can find.  The power of these places within my mystical exploring has come fiercely to me over this past week.  I have had some amazing shifts in understanding the full meaning about the places in my imagining that are sacred spaces of inspiration.  My body almost hums with joy and awe as I begin this first attempt at writing about what is coming forth. 
My gratitude for the two amazing women, Barbara Alexander and Ayanna Makonnen, who are acting as mentors and coaches for me right now is abundant.  I believe I have drawn these women into my life to act as guides in the vision quest I am beginning to understand more deeply I am walking.  They radically listen to rambling thoughts that are pouring…

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A few of the things that help

Hmmm, I shared this a year ago and it feels right to share it again today. Some of this, interestingly remains true for us. I actually think it’s all just good for everyone to keep in mind when walking through life. We never really know what someone is holding onto each and every day. I also know several people who have recently lost loved ones and this can be a good reminder to those supporting of ways to possibly help.

As always thank you for supporting me as I walk my path through life!

Health Hope Healing


What can I do? What can I do? What can I do?  This question rattles around us as those supporting us in this grieving time try to figure out how best to be present and help us in whatever way the can. It is a reasonably simple question and yet the answers are not easily pulled out of me.  The questioning can actually leave me feeling like a deer in the headlights.  Blinded by the sudden question and absolutely frozen in place with no answers coming into my brain; then I am dashing away to somewhere, anywhere else because I don’t know how to answer the question.

I wish I could easily answer the question when folks ask me what they can do for me/us.  It’s not that I don’t have lots of things that we just can’t stay on top of that would be great to have others do for us.  The list is…

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Magical Day


Today is going to be a magical day!  Any day that you get to celebrate with friends the public commitment to their love is magical.  When you also get to transform your farm, the place of dreams and sanctuary for so many, into a magical place for the wedding is even better.

It will be magical to create beautiful spaces out of ordinary things.


It will be magical to work with the fabulous community that is Avalon and SSPC as we do all we can to make Sara’s and Tolij’s wedding day all they dream of it being.

It will be magical to have their guests enjoy Avalon for the first time, in all its natural beauty and in the beauty we are creating.

It will be magical to sense Russell’s presence throughout this day.  He would have loved meeting all of the guests, but probably most the ones from Germany and Russia. I dreamed early this morning that Russell was at the wedding, walking amongst the guests. Only I could see him and hear him, but he was there.  I will miss him today.


It will be magical to have our first big bonfire of the fall, something that Sara and Russell shared a great love of.  I don’t know which one of them loved sitting by the bonfires at the end of our celebrations more.  All I know is they had grand conversations.

It will be magical to watch Tolij and Sara, one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever know, speak their love for each other.   It’s been a joy to be part of their journey.  Weddings help us all remember that love and joy are the best things we can all strive for.  It is a time of feeling hope again.


It will be magical to dance and celebrate under thousands of twinkle lights.

It will be magical to work hard, play hard, laugh, and cry throughout this day.   I am filled with deep gratitude this morning for all I have and that is in my life.  For today I will strive to rest in the gratitude, love, joy and hope that is filling my heart.

It will be magical!

Speak it!


I feel angry.  Straight up just pissed at the world.  I think I’ve been avoiding naming that even to myself because I don’t want to be angry. I want to feel grateful for the many wonderful opportunities and people in my life.  While I do feel grateful, it hit me like a ton of bricks this morning that a strong thread of anger is moving through me and getting a little bit clearer every day.   I feel like a bug zapper that is on all of the time ready to zap whatever or whoever comes close.

For the vast majority of my journey the past year and a half I can honestly say that anger has not been a very strong thread of emotion for me.  Sadness, confusion, a constant achiness, frustration at times – all of these have been present. But real anger hasn’t been.  I’ve left myself open to feeling a wide array of emotions and try to be mindful of the ebb and flow of it all.  Anger has not been a large part of my journey, until recent months.  Whacko how these things can pop up out of nowhere, or at least seemingly out of nowhere.

Just writing these words out loud – I feel angry – make me want to reel it all back in.   My mind immediately is trying to counter act all angry thoughts with ones of love, gratitude, peace.   “Reel it in Lara. Take it back.  Speak happy words. Blah, blah, blah.”  My body shakes, my heart races, my mind wants to explode as I struggle the truth of those words”I feel angry.”  I want to shut myself up and lock it all away, hiding under my covers until who knows when.

And then the more real self, that one that is sometimes very deep down, the one who my Muse speaks for says “Ah, yes, here is the next step of your healing.  This too is okay to speak out loud.   Speak your truth, heal your heart, find your way and light your path.”  Ack, I am about to start sobbing as I write this sitting in the waiting room of Demetri’s orthodontist.  I feel like I am starting to pull back some partially healed over wounds that are festering and growing under the surface.  I simply hope I can continue to write in this moment without slamming my laptop shut and running screaming from the room. Wouldn’t that be fun for folks to watch?

I’m going to try and write without editing as I go.  Just going to speak it all as it comes into my mind.  Before I allow my defense mechanisms to divert myself from today’s calling to live out loud here we go…

*I feel anger, or least a consistent resentment, about almost everything in my life.  Nothing feels right and I am pissed that even those things that used to be filled with great joy and passion for me feel stupid and pointless.

*I feel annoyed by so many interactions with the people in my life.  I start things off just fine, feeling good about life, and then these bursts of prissiness rise up in me and I feel myself lashing out.   Over the absolute stupidest of things, things of little consequence can trigger the most extreme feelings inside of me.  And then as the prissiness rises up in me again others, I feel frustrated and angry with myself for feeling or acting pissy.  It’s a vicious cycle.

*Being with my kids or writing are the two things that seem to be (not really trusting my perception at the moment) just good and easy for me.  I can feel angry for my kids if I feel like others are overstepping boundaries with them but I don’t feel angry at them.  And writing is one of the best things I do.  I do experience resentment towards anything and anyone that pulls me away from my kids and my writing.  I even feel resentment against myself when I draw myself away.

*I feel angry that I just can’t seem to get my shit together.  I make strides forward, or think I do, and then I slip and slide backwards.

*I feel angry that what used to be one of my deepest passions in running Avalon now feels just like a job.  I barely care that I get to daily be with horses and fantastic people.   I know that it is a great gift that many would love to have but I just don’t care most days.  And that loss of joy pisses me off.  Avalon has brought me so much joy and peace over the years that to have it just feel like one more thing I “have” to do is crappy.

*I feel angry that I get glimpses of what might possibly help me let go of this prissiness and lead me on a path of joy but then rallying the energy or motivation to follow those glimpses is just too much.

*I feel angry that I have so much clutter in my life – in my house, at the farm, in my head and heart.  I don’t want it there but the thought of clearing it all is beyond daunting.

*I feel angry that Russell isn’t here. I don’t think I’m angry at him, at least at a first deeper glance it doesn’t feel like it’s anger towards him. I am 100% sure he wouldn’t have chosen this path.  More I feel angry at the reality that we won’t have the chance to continue our journey together.   We were starting to heal the hurts between us and start a  new path of loving commitment to each other.  And now it’s gone.

*I feel angry that I feel so angry right now.  That makes me laugh out loud at the sheer silliness of the statement.

*I feel angry at the lack of rhyme or reason to grieving.  Just when I think I’ve moved through most of the “stages” I’m reminded that the stages aren’t linear and things will continue to pop up for years to come.  That annoys the shit out of me some days.  I want to just “be done with it already.” Bwahaha!

*I feel frustrated and sometimes very mad at myself for feeling so stuck and rudderless. Seriously I ask myself on a daily basis “What will it take for you to just do it and pursue something of meaning?  When will you just leap?”  Maybe I’m waiting for something, anything to start jumping up and down yelling “Here, leap to here!  Try this.”  I feel pissed that nothing grabs me with such joy anymore.

There!  I’ve said all that has come into my mind as I write today.  My deepest hope today is that living this piece out loud will help heal another layer of me, that writing this will cause the wounds to stop festering as I honor the darker truths.    Anger is part of the grieving/process. It’s also just a part of life.  Learning to allow myself to speak things out loud is a lifelong goal.  Accepting anger as one of the emotions I feel and listening to what wisdom is behind that emotion is essential for me to do.  To live a life of joy and love, I must release the festering parts of myself so that I can live my life whole and healed.